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July 31, 2018







About a month ago I graduated from Leeds Arts University with a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration. 


It was the most intense, life-changing, utmost creative experience I've ever endured and I wouldn't change a second. 


Since finishing the course, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on my creative practice and pondering my ambitions for the future. 


Here you can see for yourself the ultimate moment of my degree, a web-version of a mini-publication that consolidates my collection of print & pattern which explores the relationship between colour, nature and interior design.


It targets a customer profile that I designed to align with my dream client/employer's target customer. 


To go from 100 to 0 mph after finishing University has been a big, but necessary, shift for me. 


However, I've not lost momentum. If anything I have more motivation than ever... I'm eager to delve into the creative industries that I see myself working alongside. 


I've undertaken numerous projects, commissions and collaborations since finishing. Collaborating with Keep Real - a mental health charity in Yorkshire - being one of these. 


I intend to use this space as a way to document my creative journey from now until forever, and it'd be wonderful if you popped back every so often to have a nosey at what I'm getting up to! 




For now, I will develop and refine my portfolio (after bathing in this glorious Summer sunshine). 


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July 31, 2018

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